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NOTICE: Any data stored in a workshop account will be removed (and the account may be deactived or removed) after the class has ended. Near the end of the class in question, be sure to back up any data you have created and care about.
Workshop accounts are not for research (CGRB offers research accounts for production-scale work), and disk quotas for workshop accounts are limited.
Please provide a Login name that is 4 to 13 characters long; use your ONID name if you have one (eg: oneils). Lower-case letters only, no ID numbers. If you do not have an ONID Username please provide a 6 to 8 lower-case letter abbreviation instead.
Please watch the OSU CGRB Workshop Computer Information Video before you sign up for a workshop account. By clicking this button your are acknowledging that you will follow the OSU and CGRB Acceptable Use of University Computing Resources Policies.
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